Publish Routing Services

Titleā€ƒ Publish Routing Services


Publish routing services based on a network dataset to an ArcGIS Server site.



Parameter Explanation
networkDataset (Optional)

Specify a network dataset used by the routing services. The workspace containing the network dataset must be registered as a data store item in your enterprise portal or the standalone ArcGIS Server site. The value for this parameter is specified using a JSON that contains "datastoreId" and "path" properties. The "datastoreId" is the id of the data store item referencing the workspace of the network dataset. The "path" is the relative path to the network dataset within the data store. For example, if the catalog path of your network dataset in a file geodatabase on the ArcGIS Server machine is "C:\data\streets\NorthAmerica.gdb\Routing\Routing_ND" and your data store item is referencing "C:\data", the value for this parameter should be specified as {"datastoreId": "3eba512c2a0841d5adcc4c83029d8bf6", "path": "/streets/NorthAmerica.gdb/Routing/Routing_ND"}

networkDatasetExtents (Optional)

The feature class containing the extents for multiple network datasets. You should specify a value for either the networkDataset parameter or the networkDatasetExtents parameter but not both. The workspace containing the extents must be registered as a data store item in your enterprise portal or the standalone ArcGIS Server site and the parameter value is specified using the same pattern used to specify the networkDataset parameter.

serviceFolder (Optional)

Folder name used to create all the routing services on the ArcGIS Server site.

solverTypes (Optional)

The list of Network Analyst solvers to be included in the services. The default is to include all the solvers.

configFile (Optional)

File containing additional configuration for the services. If a value is not specified, the system default configuration file is used.

dedicatedService (Optional)

Checking this option (a True value) creates a dedicated service for every solver. This is an advanced option. When this option is specified, your ArcGIS Server site will use a lot more compute and memory resources. This option is recommended only for specialized ArcGIS Server sites.

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